Fibroids (myomas)

What are Fibroids

These are muscle cell growths in the uterus in menstruating women. There can be just one or many, and size ranges from a quarter of an inch to three inches (5mm-100mm). 99% of fibroids are benign, (non cancerous), and about 20% of women over 35 have fibroids, especially those who have not had children.

Causes of Fibroids

As with many female problems, unknown, but oestrogen activity is highly suspected since fibroids increase in size in women on high dosage oestrogen contraceptives.

Symptoms of Fibroid problems

Frequently there are no problems or symptoms with fibroids. If the fibroid is large it will cause a sense of discomfort. The usual problem is that the fibroid causes heavier periods, with flooding or clots due to irritation from the fibroids. Occasionally there is a mucous discharge throughout the cycle. If there is heavy bleeding its usually heavier on the second and third day.

Treatments of Fibroid problems

Surgical treatment is the usual treatment for troublesome fibroids. Either small surgery to remove the offending fibroid or major surgery - hysterectomy (removal of the uterus).

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